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da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky

Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable for Watercolor & Gouache. The Maestro designation denotes the highest quality winter male Kolinsky Red Sable hair from the Tobol River region in Eastern Siberia. Excellent for Watercolors, Illustration, Animation & Rendering.

All brushes are handmade from raw material to finished brush by skilled artisans at the da Vinci factory.

Seamless, nickel- or gold-plated brass ferrules are rust-resistant and long lasting.

10 Sharp Round - European style shaping with an extra-sharp point and the fastest action at the tip. Available Sizes 10/0 to 50.

11 Full Belly Round - Traditional English shaping with a fuller belly for added water- and color- carrying capacity. Seamless gold-plated brass ferrule. Available Sizes 5/0 to 24.

1311 Flat - Thick belly feeds sharp painting edge, laying down even washes with great control. Available Sizes 2 to 35.

1526Y Sharp Round - Harbin Kolinsky Red Sable from Manchuria does not grow as long as Maestro sable, but offers similar features and performance for a great price, especially in larger sizes. Available Sizes 3/0 to 20.

35 Long Tapered Round - The unique taper is great for fast, loose watercolor painting and is a favorite amongst illustrators, cartoonists, and film animators. Great for drawing long, clean lines. Available Sizes 3/0 to 24.

5506 Restauro Retouch - Longer than our Spotter (Ser. 1505) and shorter than our Sharp Round (Ser. 10), the Restauro was originally designed for the restoration department at the Uffizi Museum in Florence. The "in between" length perfectly combines the benefits of each brush for excellent control; very unique. Ergonomic hexagonal handle. Available Sizes 3/0 to 6.

da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky
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