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Lascaux Acrylic Mediums

Lascaux Acrylic Mediums are milled to ensure smooth and even consistency. Add Lascaux's premium mediums (Gloss, Matte, and Satin) to create textures and special optical finishes.

They dry to a waterproof, colorless, and lightfast film. The Matte Medium 2 also makes an excellent sizing for canvas and a sealer for exterior painting.

Impasto Gels - Use alone, or mix with colors, to create different sheens and textures. Lascaux's Impasto Gels dry to a waterproof film that is lightfast, flexible, colorless, non-yellowing, and crack resistant. They retard drying and improve adhesion. Use them to create impasto textures, and for glazing, extending color, color blending, and collage.

Polymer Mediums - Add Lascaux's premium mediums (Gloss, Matte, and Satin) to create textures and special optical finishes.

Modeling Paste A - A finely ground paste that dries to a smooth, sandable finish.

Modeling Paste B - It has the same artist-friendly working properties as Modeling Paste A, but it incorporates approximately 33% silica sand, which gives it a rough texture. It is especially suited to fresco-type priming of almost any support.

Modeling Paste C - Similar to Modeling Paste B, but with larger grains of silica sand, for an even rougher texture.

Retarder - Extend the drying time of acrylic paints. Increase open time for use of techniques that are normally limited to slower drying oil paints.

Structura Light Modeling Paste - This ultra lightweight and absorbent modeling paste holds stiff peaks with minimal color alteration. It features a fine-grained sandable surface that is flexible, hard, and white. Use it to create textures and build surface dimension, to extend color and create relief. Its light weight makes it ideal for large-scale applications. Use it also as a ground for pastels.

Caution - Follow safety instructions carefully. Keep out of reach of children.

Lascaux Acrylic Mediums
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