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Golden Grounds

Absorbent Ground - GOLDEN Absorbent Ground is an acrylic liquid surfacing medium that dries to a porous, paper-like surface. Applied over gessoed canvas, it allows for raw canvaslike staining and watercolor effects. Lightfast, permanent and flexible.

Acrylic Ground for Pastels - GOLDEN Acrylic Ground for Pastels is an acrylic ground for the preparation of canvas and other supports for pastels. It provides a tooth similar to papers designed for pastel and chalk. To increase tooth, add GOLDEN Fine or Coarse Pumice Gel. The product can be blended with GOLDEN Acrylic colors for colored grounds.

GOLDEN Digital Grounds - GOLDEN Digital Grounds are ink-receptive coatings intended for use with ink-jet printers. They allow the artist to coat and subsequently print over a large variety of substrates including paper, canvas, metal and acrylic paints, using ordinary computer printers and inks.

There are three types of Digital Grounds available:

Digital Ground White (Matte) A semi-opaque white ground suitable for printing onto a large variety of porous and non-porous surfaces. The smooth and absorbent surface allows printing inks to dry rapidly, making it an ideal starting product for artists exploring digital printing.

Digital Ground Clear (Gloss) A clear gloss ground for use on most porous surfaces where clarity is desired to view underlying materials.

Digital Ground for Non Porous Surfaces A clear gloss ground for coating non-porous surfaces, such as plastic and metal, when clarity is desired.

Silverpoint / Drawing Ground - GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is a liquid acrylic used for the preparation of supports for drawing media. The ground is designed for the achievement of fine detailed lines on a permanent, lightfast, flexible ground. Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is ideal for use with metal styli or other drawing tools.

Notes - Health Labeled (HL) Product. Not for use by children.

Golden Grounds
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    Product Name -  Price 
 Quantity  Add to Cart 
 Silverpoint Drawing 8oz   3558 Silverpoint Drawing 8oz    List: $18.29             Price: $14.63 
 Introductory Set of 6 x 2oz   946 Introductory Set of 6 x 2oz    Price: $29.99 
 For Pastels 8oz   3640 For Pastels 8oz    List: $16.69             Price: $13.35 
 For Pastels 32oz   3640 For Pastels 32oz    List: $43.09             Price: $34.47 
 For Pastels 16oz   3640 For Pastels 16oz    List: $27.99             Price: $22.39 
 For Pastels 128oz    For Pastels 128oz    List: $121.29             Price: $97.03 
 Digital White Matte 8oz   3563 Digital White Matte 8oz    List: $18.29             Price: $14.63 
 Digital White Matte 32oz    Digital White Matte 32oz    List: $47.29             Price: $37.83 
 Digital White Matte 16oz    Digital White Matte 16oz    List: $30.69             Price: $24.55 
 Digital White Matte 128oz    Digital White Matte 128oz    List: $132.59             Price: $106.07 
 Digital Non-Porous 8oz   3566 Digital Non-Porous 8oz    List: $19.19             Price: $15.35 
 Digital Non-Porous 32oz    Digital Non-Porous 32oz    List: $53.99             Price: $43.19 
 Digital Non-Porous 16oz    Digital Non-Porous 16oz    List: $37.99             Price: $30.39 
 Digital Mixed Media Sample Set    Digital Mixed Media Sample Set    List: $29.99             Price: $23.99 
 Digital Clear Gloss 8oz   3564 Digital Clear Gloss 8oz    List: $18.29             Price: $14.63 
 Digital Clear Gloss 32oz    Digital Clear Gloss 32oz    List: $47.29             Price: $37.83 
 Digital Clear Gloss 16oz    Digital Clear Gloss 16oz    List: $30.69             Price: $24.55 
 Digital Clear Gloss 128oz    Digital Clear Gloss 128oz    List: $132.59             Price: $106.07 
 Absorbent Ground White 8oz   3555 Absorbent Ground White 8oz    List: $16.69             Price: $13.35 
 Absorbent Ground White 32oz   3555 Absorbent Ground White 32oz    List: $43.09             Price: $34.47 
 Absorbent Ground White 16oz   3555 Absorbent Ground White 16oz    List: $27.99             Price: $22.39 
 Absorbent Ground 128oz    Absorbent Ground 128oz    List: $121.29             Price: $97.03 
Displaying 1 to 22 (of 22 products) Result Pages:  1 

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