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Old Holland Classic Oil Color

Old Holland is one of the oldest fine art companies in the world established in 1664. The company is known for uncompromising adherence to traditional techniques and standards.

All colors are made by hand and pigments are ground in stone rather than metal rollers and then packaged in lead tubes rather than the more modern aluminum alloy tubes, which have a tendency to eventually oxidize and decay.

All 168 colors are made with only the best pigments and binders to produce a very concentrated and light-fast paint that results in higher color strength, hiding power, and intensity that is consistent through out the color line.

Only cold-pressed linseed oil from the first pressing is used for the binder. This optimizes drying of the paint film and also promotes permanence.

COLOR SWATCHES: Use for reference only. If true color is needed, please use the actual product for best results.

Old Holland Classic Oil Color
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 Quantity  Add to Cart 
 Cadmium Yellow Medium 225ml   013 Cadmium Yellow Medium 225ml    List: $278.00             Price: $250.20 
 Cadmium Yellow Medium 40ml   013 Cadmium Yellow Medium 40ml    List: $60.15             Price: $54.14 
 Cadmium Yellow Orange 225ml   142 Cadmium Yellow Orange 225ml    List: $329.00             Price: $296.10 
 Cadmium Yellow Orange 40ml   142 Cadmium Yellow Orange 40ml    List: $71.75             Price: $64.58 
 Caput Mortuum Violet 225ml   066 Caput Mortuum Violet 225ml    List: $76.85             Price: $69.17 
 Caput Mortuum Violet 40ml   066 Caput Mortuum Violet 40ml    List: $16.59             Price: $14.93 
 Caribbean Blue 225ml   232 Caribbean Blue 225ml    List: $171.00             Price: $153.90 
 Carmine Lake Extra 225ml   160 Carmine Lake Extra 225ml    List: $278.00             Price: $250.20 
 Carmine Lake Extra 40ml   160 Carmine Lake Extra 40ml    List: $60.15             Price: $54.14 
 Carribean Blue 40ml   232 Carribean Blue 40ml    List: $36.49             Price: $32.84 
 Cerulean Blue 225ml   039 Cerulean Blue 225ml    List: $519.00             Price: $467.10 
 Cerulean Blue 40ml   039 Cerulean Blue 40ml    List: $109.00             Price: $98.10 
 Cerulean Blue Deep 225ml   235 Cerulean Blue Deep 225ml    List: $329.00             Price: $296.10 
 Cerulean Blue Deep 40ml   235 Cerulean Blue Deep 40ml    List: $71.75             Price: $64.58 
 Cerulean Blue Light 225ml   238 Cerulean Blue Light 225ml    List: $519.00             Price: $467.10 
 Cerulean Blue Light 40ml   238 Cerulean Blue Light 40ml    List: $109.00             Price: $98.10 
 Chromium Oxide Green 225ml   050 Chromium Oxide Green 225ml    List: $171.00             Price: $153.90 
 Chromium Oxide Green 40ml   050 Chromium Oxide Green 40ml    List: $36.49             Price: $32.84 
 Cinnabar Green Deep Extra 225ml   051 Cinnabar Green Deep Extra 225ml    List: $171.00             Price: $153.90 
 Cinnabar Green Deep Extra 40ml   051 Cinnabar Green Deep Extra 40ml    List: $36.49             Price: $32.84 
 Cinnabar Green Light Extra 225ml   043 Cinnabar Green Light Extra 225ml    List: $278.00             Price: $250.20 
 Cinnabar Green Light Extra 40ml   043 Cinnabar Green Light Extra 40ml    List: $60.15             Price: $54.14 
 Cobalt Blue 225ml   250 Cobalt Blue 225ml    List: $329.00             Price: $296.10 
 Cobalt Blue 40ml   250 Cobalt Blue 40ml    List: $71.75             Price: $64.58 
 Cobalt Blue Deep 225ml   038 Cobalt Blue Deep 225ml    List: $329.00             Price: $296.10 
 Cobalt Blue Deep 40ml   038 Cobalt Blue Deep 40ml    List: $71.75             Price: $64.58 
 Cobalt Blue Turquoise 225ml   042 Cobalt Blue Turquoise 225ml    List: $329.00             Price: $296.10 
 Cobalt Blue Turquoise 40ml   042 Cobalt Blue Turquoise 40ml    List: $71.75             Price: $64.58 
 Cobalt Blue Turquoise Light 225ml   262 Cobalt Blue Turquoise Light 225ml    List: $329.00             Price: $296.10 
 Cobalt Blue Turquoise Light 40ml   262 Cobalt Blue Turquoise Light 40ml    List: $71.75             Price: $64.58 
Displaying 61 to 90 (of 335 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 

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Gamsol OMS - 128oz
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Plein Air Painting with Phil Levine
Plein Air Painting with Phil Levine

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